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Glass Balconies

Revamp your balcony with an architectural glass balcony that will enhance your views of the surrounding landscape. Create your own tranquil escape on spring mornings and summer evenings.

Goldsmith & Cooper | High end glass solutions
Goldsmith & Cooper | Glass Balconies

Detailed Design & Planning

Goldsmith & Cooper | Stages of production
Goldsmith & Cooper | Glass Balconies

High Quality Manufacturing

Goldsmith & Cooper | Stages of production
Goldsmith & Cooper | Glass Balconies

Delivery & Installation

Goldsmith & Cooper | Stages of production
Goldsmith & Cooper | Glass Balconies


Take your exterior design to the next level with a glass juliet balcony

With a juliet balcony, you can open your doors safely to let in the fresh air and light dance in. Opt for a classic handrailed and posted balcony or favour a frameless design that will avoid obstructing your view of the surrounding landscape.

At Goldsmith & Cooper, we only use the finest hardware for all our glazing installations, our glass balconies included. Safety and quality are our priority, meaning you can trust that the high-quality installations carried out by our team, will not let you down.

Creating a polished look for your property

Our talented team of glaziers will add a fresh and modern touch to your exterior with a contemporary glass balcony.

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Goldsmith & Cooper | Glass Balustrades


Create a more spacious feel with an impressive glass balustrade.

Goldsmith & Cooper | Glass Balustrades


Filter more natural light into your property with a glass juliet balcony.

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