It’s Launch Day!

5th February 2019

Goldsmith & Cooper | High end glass solutions

It’s been a long time coming, but we’re ecstatic to announce that our brand-new website has finally launched, which you may have already guessed if you’ve made it this far!


At Goldsmith & Cooper, design and craft is something we take very seriously, and this project was no exception. When it came to the design for our site, we teamed up with one of the most experienced creative agencies in the industry to produce a website that told our story with authenticity.


Every decision has been made to communicate our brand clearly and effectively. From a neutral palette with luxurious gold detailing, to detailed animations that help navigate the user’s journey through the website, to the eloquent and caring tone of voice.


With a bespoke and tailored website to expertly explain our specialist glazing services and showcase the beautiful projects we’ve already had a hand in, we’re looking forward to using this to our advantage and building a varied and expansive portfolio that expresses our passion in glass design.


If you think we could help with a future project you have planned, get in touch with us today to discuss what we could create together.

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